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Semiconductor refrigerator 300w

Semiconductor refrigerator 300w

This thermoelectric cooler uses high-end refrigeration module which has high power and good durability
Cooling block has large area that can contact more water for quick cooling. 300W is suitable for 30L fish tanks and 300W is suitable for 40L fish tank
Four hollow copper pipes with refrigerant inside would deliver heat fast for higher cooling efficiency
It is energy saving and beneficial to the growth and reproduction of ornamental fish
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 Price : $65

Power: 120W, 180W , 300W (Optional)

Voltage: DC 12V ,24V

Current: 10A(120W), 15A(300W)

Water Inlet/Outlet Outer Diameter: 8mm/0.31

Size: 143*96*162mm/5.62*3.77*6.37