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CCPF -4000 - 1P -PD power supply

CCPF -4000 - 1P -PD power supply

The CCPF -4000 - 1P -PD family of capacitor charging power supplies utilizes the latest innovations in power electronics to deliver clean and efficient power for pulsed laser applications. A high power resonant inverter insures reliability during all modes of operating conditions. A soft switching power factor circuit ensures near unity power factor with low EMI. CCPF models can drive both PF loads and reservoir charging circuits. Leakage current is less than 300uA, power factor is greater than 0.99 and conducted emissions meet stringent European regulations. No additional line filter is required to meet EN EN55011 emission requirements.

Offered in 4 power levels from 600 to 2000 watts the CCFP-4000 family of laser diode drivers offer laser designers the most advanced and proven power supply technology available.

PRICE : 85 USD  
              75  USD

  • 600 to 2000 Watts Output
  • Output Currents to 100amps
  • Compliance Voltages to 150V
  • Performance Level E Safety
    • Power Factor Correction
    • Universal Input Voltage
    • Auxiliary +15/-15, +5V
    • Low Conducted Emissions
    • RoHS Compliant

The LDN diode drivers were designed specifically for the OEM high power CW diode systems. OEM power supplies for the diode industry have the following requirements:


Safe diode operation

Broad range of control of output current

Safe rise/fall times

Small size

Power factor correction to conform with CE requirements

Low conducted electromagnetic emissions

Low leakage for medical applications
Made in china