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Modular Inverter System IN2300

Modular Inverter System IN2300

The MIS NI2300  is a readymade inverter package designed to provide a pure sine wave AC supply as a complement to any existing DC power solution.

Compact, friendly plug & play installation, self-standing open relay rack ideal for low MTTR applications in power room. It can be used either to piggyback DC power sources or as fully integrated AC power system with built-in in and out protections. Thanks to TSI specifics it provides outstanding power conditioning and high-end availability.

price : $ 280

Ratings Input: 48VDC
Output: 120 or 120/240 or 120/208 VAC
Power: 3 – 18 kVA
Applicable standards IEC 61000-4 / FCC part 15 / cULus 1778 Listed / RoHS
MTBF (each module) 240,000 hours
Efficiency (typical): Enhanced power conversion / on line 95% / 91%
Dielectric strength DC/AC 4,300VDC
True redundant systems 3 disconnection levels on AC out and DC in power ports
4 disconnection levels on AC in port
Vibration GR63 office vibration 0 – 100hz-0.1g
Transport vibration 5-100Hz 0.5g 100 – 500hz-1.5g
Drop test
Altitude above sea level <1500m; no derating
>1500m; 0.8% / 100m derating
Operating temperature -20 – 40 C; -4 – 104°F for rated power
40 – 65°C with 2%/°C derating
104 – 149°F with 1%/°F derating
Ambient / storage temp / relative humidity -40 – 70°C (-40 – 158°F)
Relative humidity 95%, non-condensing
Operating ambiance / ingress protection Free from dust and corrosive materials / NEMA 1
Material (casing) Coated steel-ALU ZINC



  • Permanent AC to AC double conversion
  • Great disturbance rejection rate
  • Redundant AC & DC input sources
  • Source changeover not visible by the load
  • Highly efficient energy conversion
  • Preserve battery life expectancy
  • Compact footprint
  • Operates until 65°C (de-rating may apply)
  • Can be provided with 120 VAC, 120/240 VAC and 120/208 VAC system configurations

More Info

Convenient for any Mission Critical Applications. A must when any glitch matters.
The solution to power up demanding AC loads at low OPEX from a combination of AC and DC sources present on site.
It reveals its full worth in harsh electrical environments and for long autonomy requirements. It handles any type of AC load including laser printers, compressors and induction motors.
Typical applications include aggregation network infrastructure components (MGW, RNC, SSP, PTP-RL, IP/Router...); HVAC equipments, small datacenter...