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About Us

Inverters are designed for powering household appliances from a battery or vehicle. They are electronic devices that convert (12V DC) battery power to (230/240V AC) mains power. Inverters are compact and often lightweight making them an ideal source of portable mains power. Thanks to their portability they are commonly used in cars, caravans, motor homes, boats, 4WD’s and utility vehicles. Using an inverter with standard household appliances is a much cheaper option than purchasing specialised 12V appliances for times when power is not available.

Tplus Inverters Power Solutions is committed to offering the best battery monitoring equipment, products, education, training and support services to our customers! 100% customer satisfaction is our guarantee and the foundation upon which our company is built. Tplus Inverters Power Solution’s mission is to lead the industry in battery testing education, training, products and support. Being the industry leader in battery monitoring and battery testing solutions requires outstanding products, support services and overall value, so that every customer is 100% satisfied with their EEPS experience.
Putting Customers First

Every employee and representative of EEPS is properly trained to understand our products and our core values. Our response time and customer support is always the priority. From the initial contact with the customer, through the education & sales process and continuing with post- sales support — we are there for our customers every step of the way! When working with EEPS the customer will NEVER feel that they are taken for granted. Everyone that works with EEPS understands that customer satisfaction is truly a guarantee. At EEPS we focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships (“lifetime customers”). We always encourage customer feedback regarding ways that we can improve Tplus Inverters support and products to better fit their needs.
Green Statement

EEPS is committed to promoting and contributing to a cleaner, greener, and safer environment. We strongly believe in and practice energy conservation methods as well as recycling.